Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Red Hen

This week we started a small mini-unit on the "Little Red Hen." We first started by drawing and labeling a hen. To go with the draw and label we read "The Little Red Hen," by Paul Galdone.

On Wednesday we read an informational text (non-fiction) about chickens called, "The Chicken or the Egg?" We are working on answering questions using the text. It is an important skill for the kids to have and the earlier we start the better. Our question that we were trying to answer was, "What did the author say about hen's eggs?" We found out that hen's eggs are brown and white, they go to the incubator soon after they are hatched and brown and white eggs taste the same.

The following day we revisited "The Little Red Hen" by Paul Galdone and sequenced the story using pictures. The cut out the pictures and glued them in order.

Today we read a different version of "The Little Red Hen," by Jerry Pinkney. Then, we used a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the Paul Galdone version and the Jerry Pinkney version. We used sticky notes to write down our thoughts and then put them in the diagram.

Next week we will be reading two more version of the story, work with Venn diagrams some more, and make a special treat!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5 - November 7

I have been bad about updating this blog lately and I apologize. Here is a little insight into what we have been doing and what we will be doing!

Last week we ended our Monster unit and the kiddos had so much fun! We learned a song called the "Monster Stomp," described monsters, made Big Green Monsters, and created spooky number 8 spiders. It was a hectic week, but we managed to get through! The Kennedy Fall Festival was amazing and I'm so proud of the Kennedy PTO and my fellow teachers. We've go so much Kennedy PRIDE!

This week in reading we will...
  • Draw a gumball machine
  • Meet Crazy Camel
  • Draw a cat
  • Write about cats, using informational text
This week in math we will...
  • Practice using the equal sign and not-equal sign
  • Learn and practice making the number 9
  • Solve math stories
We also started our "Exploring Friends and Jobs in the Community" unit this week. We first read a book called "Whose Tools Are These?" and we guessed which community member would use those tools. Then we made a web and discussed what we would see in our community. Some examples of what the kiddos said are; Toy Store, animals, shelters, people, grocery stores. We will be using informational text and narrative text to explore this topic. Look for writing, story maps, and art projects coming home!