Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Next week is red ribbon week. Schools across the country will be celebrating this great cause and bringing awareness to being drug free. On Monday our counselor visited our room and had a conversation with our kiddos about being drug free. She then told them that the whole school was going to sign a pledge to being drug free. The really cool part is that those pledges are going to be on giant sheets and be on display for all of Lawrence to see! Our motto or saying is, "A HEALTHY ME IS DRUG FREE!"

I snapped a picture of two kinders signing their names on the kindergarten sheet. Make sure to drive by or walk by the front of our school to see our PRIDE!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Believe in Me!

Sometimes our room can get plagued with the "I can'ts." We are learning a lot of new things and sometimes rather quickly. This is when our littles can come down with the "I can'ts." This past week, after attending a two day training, I came back with a new sense of responsibility to our kiddos. Not only must I give them every ounce of knowledge and strength to prepare them for their life, but I also want to help them understand that they MUST believe in themselves. We are going to do daily affirmations in our classrooms. We are going to say, "I can do it," and "I believe in me." I think if the kiddos say these statements to themselves it will give them confidence and maybe a strategy as they get older.
Believe In Yourself

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Going home with your kinders today is a note explaining how to get on our WONDERS website. Along with the note is a small card with your child's animal pic and a password. Let me tell you why this is going to be such an amazing thing for you and your child!!!

  1. It's easy to do! Once you type in the url make sure to save it or star it. The site itself is user friendly and the kiddos are already great at navigating through it. 
  2. There is so much to do! You can read the small guided reading books together, you can play games that focus on letters and the sounds they make, practice saying our high-frequency words, read one of our BIG books, and so much more.
  3. This will make a difference! Not much more to say than that.
You have to find my name to get to all the kiddos logins!
Find your child's picture and name (I erased all names for the blog)
Once you get this far, your kinder should be able to navigate through the rest. At this point you'll be asked to enter the password and then you will enter the site. 

Enjoy and please contact me with questions or concerns!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Reading adventures

I'm experimenting with the iPad and all that we and all that we can do with it! Here is my first venture...recording a student reading their guided reading book and posting it on YouTube! No faces, no names, only hands and voice.