Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 21st and 22nd

It is a very short week. We do not have school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. These types of weeks are hard on everyone. They are nice because they are short, but then they also have a tendency to throw everyone off of their routine. Our little kinders are especially victim to that. Hopefully we can get some learning accomplished, but also have a nice and easy two days.

In Reading we will...
  • Learn the /oo/ sound by getting to know Lou Lou Moose! 
In Math we will...
  • Work on the teen numbers
  • Explore partners in numbers; partners of 4 are 2 - 2 and 3-1
  • Use turkey feathers to measure different things around the room
Because Thanksgiving is this week we will also be talking about what we are thankful for. We are going to make a thankful tree using our hand-prints and hang it up in our room. This would be great thing to carry over into your conversations with your child at home.

Last week we also read a non-fiction book about turkeys and then made a list about what we found. We will be making turkeys using paper and coffee filters. They will use marker on the coffee filter and then spray water on to them to make the colors run together!