Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome back and welcome to the new year, 2012! I hope that everyone had a lovely time away from school. I really enjoyed my time off. My husband and me went to Hays, Kansas for a couple of days, spent some time with my parents in Overland Park and then basically just took it easy for the rest of the break. But now it is time to kick it into high gear in our kindergarten room! Although elementary schools are on trimester schedule, we still do a lot of testing and measuring at semester. We are really hoping that most or all our kindergartners are reading at this time and are starting to put sentences together. Of course, not all kids are at that point and that is okay! We will keep giving everyone the appropriate support they need!

This week we are going to be focusing on remembering our routines and getting back into the groove of school. Wednesday will most likely be a review day. I need the review as much as they do! I am also going to start adding some more responsibility and choices into their literacy stations. We are also going to start our dinosaur unit this week. I have some really fun activities planned.

In reading we will...
  • Learn the letter "W"
  • Draw a well
In math we will...