Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 9th - April 13th

The weeks are winding down and the kindergartners are turning into first graders little by little! However, it is important for them to remember that there is still a lot of school left. Please help remind the kiddos that they need to do their best and show their PRIDE at school. They do a great job of doing this, but sometimes the sillies just work their way in :)

This week in reading we will...
  • Continue working on our fairy tale unit by exploring stories, both traditional and non-traditional. 
This week in math we will...
  • Create a teen number book with drawings.
  • Work on subtraction.
  • Work on equal and not equal.
Starting in two weeks we will also begin our ladybug unit in science and I am so very excited about that! We will also be going on a field trip, but more on that later this week, expect a note coming home. I am also planning on teaching a short unit on weather, which will begin as soon as possible too.

In other news, continue to send your kiddos to school with light jackets, because it can be quite cool during morning recess. Keep up the great work at home, by reading, talking, and just believing in your child!