Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th - August 31st

*Every week I'm going to post a sneak peek of what our class is going to do for the week.Sometimes I might come back and fill in missing parts :)

  • Animated Alphabet - 
    • Monday: We are going to draw a pup and put together a mixed up sentence using the SMARTboard. e a math sheet
    • Tuesday:  We are going to learn the song "Catch A Fish" and then write about what kind of animal we would catch! 
    • Wednesday: We will be learning the letter "O" and meeting Ollie Ostrich. 
    • Thursday: We are going to do a sort of the letters "O" "P" and "U"
    • Friday: We are going to use fruit loops and make a colorful "O" on a paper plate.
  • Math Expressions - 
    • Monday:  We are going to continue to use our math manipulatives and work on showing a number with tiles and pattern blocks. Next we will be drawing a scence of 3.
    • Tuesday:  First we will discuss our scenes of 3 using the document camera. Following that we will show amounts of objects by drawing with crayons. For example, "show 3 hats."
    • Wednesday:
  • Solution Cards
    • Share: We will read a book about sharing and talk about using our solution cards. 
    • Get A Timer: Talk about using a timer to help solve problems with friends.