Monday, October 8, 2012


October is a month full of activities and events in and out of the classroom. Last week we started our apple unit and a BIG thanks to everyone who sent apples! On Friday we had an amazing time having a taste test. I first cut up 3 different kinds of apples and then I didn't tell them which bowl had which kind of apple. The kiddos each got a clipboard and then went to each bowl and had a taste. After they had a taste from each bowl, they chose which bowl they liked the best. Then we graphed the results and they were just so excited about what we found. Turns out, 7 people like bowl 3 the best and that was the green apple. Coming in second was bowl 1, the yellow apple. Last was bowl number 2, the red apple.

This week we are going to make something really yummy with all those apples! We will also do some apple stamping on Thursday. They will also be putting the apple cycle in order and making a book to go with it.