Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Gingerbread Kids

We have had so much fun exploring and reading the Gingerbread Man books. We read 7 variations of the story! Can you believe there are that many? Below are some of our favorites!

During our social studies/theme time we read the books and then did various activities surrounding the  books. One of our favorite activities was reading "The Gingerbread Cowboy," making a beginning-middle-end chart and then building our own Gingerbread Cowboy. They turned out so great and the kiddos loved making them. We also worked on our writing skills during this time. I had the kindergarteners think about where their gingerbread man would run to first and then as a group we wrote about it. The sentence started out by saying, "He went to the..." The kiddos shared the marker and each wrote where their gingerbread man ran to. Some of the places were; the park, the lake, the toy store, school, the fox. They are getting so good at sounding out words!

To finish up our gingerbread unit we voted on our favorite book. It is a good chance for the kiddos to use their math skills to read data!