Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 13th - February 15th

It has been a short and jam-packed week. Tuesday was Valentine's day and we had a blast. In small math groups we did a measuring hearts activity and during reading we put together a sentence, "It is a day for love." At the end of the day we passed out valentines and had a feast. Thank you for sending valentines with your kiddos and for helping out by sending snacks or just being another adult in the room.

This week in reading we...
  • Drew a boy, focusing on the /oy/ sound
  • Put together a sentence for Valentine's Day
  • Met and colored the Whistling Whale, focusing on the /wh/ sound. This is a really hard sound for kiddos to grasp, but they did a great job with it.
This week in math we...
  • Went grocery shopping. Using cut out fruit and veggies we worked on adding the items together! They did a great job drawing pictures to represent the objects.
  • Talked about more, fewer, and extra.
  • Played the "missing partner" game.
Here are some pics from the Valentine's party!
We do not have school on Thursday and Friday due to conferences.