Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27 - March 2

This week we are continuing our study of Presidents. We read two non-fiction books about George Washington on Monday and on Tuesday we will read a book about our current president, Barack Obama. To wrap up presidents we will be writing Barack Obama a letter!

This week in reading we will...
  • meet Ping Pong who makes the /ng/ sound
  • draw a king
  • celebrate our characters
  • start writers workshop
This week in math we will...
  • work on partners of 10
  • focus on subtraction in small group
  • work on more and fewer
Please think of us when you at the grocery store and also when you are buying goods for the week. We have some dry erase markers and gluesticks, but I am concerned that they won't last till the end of the year. Our kinders love to practice their heart words on white boards with dry erase markers! Which, if you don't have a white board, I know you can find them at the dollar store or Wal-Mart for a cheap price. They are a great tool to help your child practice their writing!