Monday, June 18, 2012

A Passion for Pinterest

It's official, I am pinterest obsessed. If you haven't seen or heard of pinterest, well then, I'm pretty sure you might be living under a rock or you have successfully avoided the social network community! I check pinterest quite frequently and I follow some pinners who consistently post amazing teaching ideas. My last post was all about math tubs and I must admit some of those ideas came from pinterest. But that is the beautiful thing, I AM NOT RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL!! Nope the wheel has been brought to me! I also have found ideas that I sort of like and then tweaked them to my needs and likeness. The next step is for me to start posting some of my own ideas, because we all know they are just genius :)

One pin I stumbled on today made me want to get right to work and make it! It's a big book about the teacher. Included in the book are pictures from when the teacher was little, growing up and adult life. The book also had a page with fun facts about the teacher and, my favorite, a page dedicated to the teacher's favorite books! I am definitely going to make this book over the summer and share it with my kiddos next year.