Friday, July 12, 2013

To theme or not to theme...

For the past two years I haven't had a theme in my classroom. Instead, I've stuck with primary colors, easy to read signs and labels, and hopefully a pleasing and welcoming classroom. When pinteresting I always see the cutest themed classrooms and they just look so awesome, but they also seem like a lot of work. Another thing is that as cute and colorful as they are, I wonder if it is a bit much and distracting for the little ones. I love cute stuff, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it can easily go from cute to harmful. With that, I've decided to do a VERY minimalist theme this year. I'm going to embrace the world of bees.
((Here are my newest additions to the theme. Bee borders, bee nameplates, and flowers (for the job chart).))

To start, our slogan this year is going to be "We are BEEsy learning in Kindergarten!" Pretty cute, right? I'm going to spray paint an old frame yellow and use it as a prop to take their pictures that first week. I think I'll glue a couple of bee figures onto the frame too. Then I'll display them in the hall along with our slogan. I'm thinking I might also have colored bees hanging above their tables as a way to distinguish between the groups; blue, red, green, orange. Still deciding and thinking about it.

In other news, the classroom is looking awesome for next year.I am really excited to see how it all works with the new arrangement! I'm also looking forward to less stuff which equals less mess. Oh yeah!

What are your thoughts, do you theme or do you not?