Thursday, May 31, 2012

The End

Well, our kindergartners have graduated and moved on. They will start next year as big time first graders. I am so proud of all of their progress they made this year. They are reading, writing, and doing all exploration with math. I love how their little brains work and the ideas that they come up with! I'm really looking forward to watching them travel through Kennedy over the next 5 years. are some ideas on what to do with the kiddos over the summer to keep those brains going!

  • Read with them everyday!!! You can read the newspaper, magazines, small books, big books, all of it.
  • Start a series; "A Series of Unfortunate Events," "Harry Potter," "Chronicles of Narnia," 
  • Play sound games in the car
    • "I Spy Rhyme" : I spy something that rhymes with!